Monday, April 26, 2010

Idler: Type 1 & Type 2


I just stumbled into quotes of Vincent Van Gogh.

This one, especially, will be sticking with me.

"There is a great difference between one idler and another idler. There is someone who is an idler out of laziness and lack of character, owing to the baseness of his nature. If you like, you may take me for one of those. Then there is the other kind of idler, the idler despite himself, who is inwardly consumed by a great longing for action who does nothing because his hands are tied, because he is, so to speak, imprisoned somewhere, because he lacks what he needs to be productive, because disastrous circumstances have brought him forcibly to this end. Such a one does not always know what he can do, but he nevertheless instinctively feels, I am good for something! My existence is not without reason! I know that I could be a quite a different person! How can I be of use, how can I be of service? There is something inside me, but what can it be? He is quite another idler. If you like you may take me for one of those."

Friday, April 23, 2010

Not so beneficial. Not so equal.

What I learned yesterday.

IF gay & lesbian partners are covered under their partners' insurace:
1. the insurance company may charge more b/c they are not recognized as "married" under federal law
2. those benefits are then taxed as income, unlike married couples.

My friend had her excitement at benefits turn to huge sticker shock when she ended up owing and extra $2000 in taxes. Surprise! :(

In the United States of Ameria.

One of the 1000+ benefits that gay couples are denied because that cannot legally married.