Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Too much!

Jennifer Knapp coming out made me so happy that I stopped posting.

My writer's block comes when:

A. I get feedback

WHAT?! Someone's READing this?! ....the "world wide web" concept hasn't sunken into that part of my brain that only believes what it sees. I can't see them, so they can't see me.

Paradoxically, I still crave comments. So, please, add yours.
B. Something gets me so excited that I feel like I can't possibly express it in writing. So, I stop.

That was the case with Jennifer Knapp's announcement last month. And, I still can't write about that. Maybe another time. (don't you love suspense?)
But, I'm gonna get it back into gear. Mostly thanks to the prodding of my bff from high school, Alise.

So, raise your coffee mug and let's hear it for getting the ball rolling....

And, for friends!

Meanwhile, do you have anything that triggers writer's block? How do you fix it?

(as millions of english comp/writing teachers cry out from the ether with a resounding, "Discipline!" Ugh, I know.....)