Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Too much!

Jennifer Knapp coming out made me so happy that I stopped posting.

My writer's block comes when:

A. I get feedback

WHAT?! Someone's READing this?! ....the "world wide web" concept hasn't sunken into that part of my brain that only believes what it sees. I can't see them, so they can't see me.

Paradoxically, I still crave comments. So, please, add yours.
B. Something gets me so excited that I feel like I can't possibly express it in writing. So, I stop.

That was the case with Jennifer Knapp's announcement last month. And, I still can't write about that. Maybe another time. (don't you love suspense?)
But, I'm gonna get it back into gear. Mostly thanks to the prodding of my bff from high school, Alise.

So, raise your coffee mug and let's hear it for getting the ball rolling....

And, for friends!

Meanwhile, do you have anything that triggers writer's block? How do you fix it?

(as millions of english comp/writing teachers cry out from the ether with a resounding, "Discipline!" Ugh, I know.....)


Alise said...

A) Soooooo glad to see you back! It was thrilling to see your blog pop up in my feed and have it be a NEW post. ;-D Super exciting!

As for what stops me?
1. Depression. My winter posting is always way less than my spring/summer posting. I'm sure if it were averaged together, I'd probably have twice as many posts from April to August each year than all the other months. I get bummed out in the winter due to the unending grey in WV and it makes me not want to post.

2. Fear. I don't WANT to be afraid of posting my thoughts, but I'm terrified that if someone doesn't agree with my thoughts, they might not like me. Which is awful. Or I'm afraid that I'm writing into a void. I totally thrive on feedback (not so much an introvert!) and when it's lacking, I tend to think, "What's the point?" and just shut down.

I'm so thankful for your encouragement. I'd have likely given all of this up long ago if not for you!

hillsideslide said...

thanks for all of the nudging, Alise.

And, it's great to hear that I've been an encouragement to your writing.

I've gotten SO much out of it, especially over the past few months.


i totally get the fear thing. sometimes, I get my mind blown when I consider who all can be reading. You know, you speak differently to different people. And diff people have diff interests... but, I suppose it all evolves organically as folks comment.

The Virtual Village participates in its shape.

Kristy K said...

Whoa. I don't think I remembered/realized that you have a blog. Sorry it's taken me so long to stop over.

What stops me...

1. Like Alise, the winter. I hate winter and I know I have some sort of undiagnosed seasonal depression. Nothing seems funny, interesting, inspiring, etc...

2. Insecurity. sometimes I feel like I shouldn't even bother because I'm not any good anyway. It's paralyzing at times. I struggle with this in all areas of my life. Ick.

3. Hormones. I have MAJOR hormone issues going on. Up and down all the time. I notice that at certain times of the month, I'm witty, funny, upbeat and see roses everywhere. I could write everyday. At other times, writing on the internet seems pointless when there's so much death and destruction going on.

There you have it :).

hillsideslide said...

Thanks for popping over Kristy!

I noticed that neither you or Alise mentioned "time." As moms, I would think that time is a limited commodity. And, energy.

As for the insecurity, I can relate. However, I don't think you have anything to worry about there. Your blog is great.

Stacie was the one who told me about yours. She said it was one of the funniest ones out there.

Hormones. ...Those.

Being single, I don't have quite the opportunity for feedback that I imagine a spouse might offer.

For instance, if I'm a jerk or unfun to be around, would anyone TELL me?

So, I asked a friend the other day if I come off as "girly" in the emotional department. Her eyes got instantly huge and had this scared "i better not say anything" look.

Then she said, "It might be hormonal."

And then I remembered that we just spent a "fun" night out and I didn't even try to pretend that I wasn't hugely depressed.

So, the answer is yes. I get moody. It's the hormones. ;)

Regardless.... we press on!

samurai said...

I am late to the party, but some quick thoughts.
We are indeed to love one another. God loved us enough to send Jesus. While Jesus loved those He came into contact with (i.e. woman at the well, the lepers, tax collectors, prostitutes, pharisees, disciples, etc.) He still called sin sin.

I have no idea who is, or who is not, going to hell. God alone is judge, and He sees the heart (and the end from the beginning). It is pretty clear that to the extent we judge others, we will be judged as well.

As i understand God's word, homosexuality is a sin. Here is the thing... i am a sinner too. I struggle with pornography - this makes me an adulterer. I struggle with calling my fellow human beings idiots - this makes me a murderer. I want the fancy car, i want the luxury vacations i want the mansions (at times) - this makes me a covetous.

We are all seeking out God (even Atheists, and i am sure they would disagree with me).

I do not plan on diving any further into this debate. Ask Alise - i suck at debating. i take it way too personal. And it is not about me in the end.

I pray that God continues to stir up your heart and mind. May He reveal all that he has for you - and your readers. 8)

a brother in Christ, by His grace, and for His glory

hillsideslide said...

thanks for stopping by Samurai- late is beter than never!

i understand taking things personally... i especially feel it with this issue.

yep. we are all sinners.

however, I just can't compare a loving committed relationship to porn, murder, envy, etc.

not that i don't have lots of other sin going on...

i see how those are harmful. but, relationships, love... those are high, high things in my book (in THE Book, in fact).

meanwhile, if you're not gay, then behaving as though you were would be "against your nature" and, as I understand it, sinful.

so.... no kissing the boys for you! ;)