Monday, October 08, 2007

All 4 The Best!

"Yes! It's all for the Best!"

I just love youtube. This song (click on the picture) has been a constant companion in my life. Our more memorable moments:

  • the cousins, in the basement at Mt. Hope, singing AND dancing AND operating the Record Player by ourselves!
  • including it on a mixed tape for a friend @ college- a preemtive strike of optimism/hope.
  • tha-rilled, as an adult (circa Alias Frenzy) to realize that our beloved SpyDaddy was, in fact, Jesus.
  • singing it in the car w/ Liz- each taking one part until the end when it's a free-for-all w/ the extraneous comments

and now....

something new.

Post 9-11. Closing shot. Twin Towers. All for the best?

a thought I return to constantly... where is the Good in this? this? this? this? this?...

Where is the opportunity in disaster? What is this situation (pick one) asking of me? of us? who IS "us?" In the end, how will the hard events -and our reaction- reveal who we were? Did we fold to our worst fears? Or, did we listen for a Higher Calling, and respond?

Postemptive Hope Strike
- 3rd vid, "Looking for the Helpers"