Saturday, September 06, 2008


Things that happened today:

Hiked on the trail @ Sarver

Listened to an exceptional episode of
~James Prosek
shared his thoughts on
life and fishing~

Picked up a hitch-hiker
on the way home

Did not get murdered

Rosie O'Donnell published
my comment
on her blog

taught Babs to cast
with a fly rod,
for about 9 minutes,
until she got bored,
as expected

so we moved on
to skipping stones,
discussing autopsies,
envying the kayakers,
and sitting in silence

later, we made a big salad
and John shot at chipmunks
while we talked about:
an Easter Bunny sighting
a witch
dreams we had as kids

and this evening
I made chili
with Babs' B-Day Honey
as the Special Ingredient


BigMama said...

Hooray for not getting murdered by hitchhikers!!!