Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Training Rules on CNN

Turn on CNN today(April 7) for the 3-4pm hour.

They will be promoting the documentary "Training Rules", which explores the stories of former Penn State Wmns Basketball players who were vicitimized by former coach, Rene Portland's, policy of anti-gay discrimination.

I attended the premiere on Saturday. Three of the players who courageously came forward were from my hometown of Indiana, Pa, which made it especially poingnant. I have friends who played with them in high school; know parents who cheered them on.

The film was riviting, heartwrenching and inspiring.

Hope you can see it when it comes to DVD.

In the meantime, check it out on CNN today and have a look at the website.


BigMama said...

Just hopped over here now -- 2 hours after the story. I'll check and see if it will be on again so I can DVR it.

Great catching up with you last night. Take care!