Saturday, May 16, 2009

equal rights cost too much, suggests GOP chairman

From the AP: RNC chief: Gay marriage will burden small business


So we'll send service members out to pay the ultimate price to defend our rights and freedoms...
but when it comes to "denting our pocketbooks," we draw the line?

We'll throw bazillions bailout $ at the big banks, but when it comes to paying a relatively tiny amount of money to ensure that ALL Americans are treated equally, the RNC wants to scare small businesses & financially struggling citizens with this garbage.

Apparently, GOP Chairman Michael Steele believes that its too great a cost to extend these rights to a minority group here in the good ol' US of A.

If only he could put himself in the place of a minor...i... ty.....? wait....


BigMama said...


If marriage causes such an undue burden on small businesses, maybe we should eliminate heterosexual marriage too. After all, there are a whole lot more of those!

But either way, doesn't that just show that there are benefits to being able to legally MARRY? To knowingly deny those benefits to Americans based on sexual preference alone is astounding to me.

WV -- unisterg -- Alise just about blew an unisterg reading Michael Steele's position on gay marriage.

BigMama said...

Alright -- Jon Stewart must have been reading my comments on your blog!

hillsideslide said...

That was great... "wouldn't that be an argument against ALL marriage?"

(wow, Wack a Kitty and now this! Ur on a roll today :)