Wednesday, June 17, 2009

sometimes it's the little things

i was txting with a friend the other day.

just one of those random:

i'm going for a walk... but.... maybe coffee first.

she txted back:

my sister-in-law puts a little cinnamon in hers when she brews it.

a thoughtful little suggestion like that makes me happy & adds to my day.

txting with pals.. like cinnamon in coffee... adds spice to life.


Brittanicals said...

I so completely get needing the little things. They make the bigger things bearable. How did it taste?

I also love to simmer cinnamon and cloves and vanilla on the stove. The whole house just feels so much calmer.

hillsideslide said...

good to hear from ya britt!

it was good... but beware: too much cinnamon clogs the filter paper and cleanup may be required :D

but, worth it.

thanks for your suggestion- i feel relaxed just thinking of it.

my cousin mentioned that she does something similar with thin slices of old oranges/citrus, cinnamon and cloves. you might give that a try

hope you have a big day, full of little things

BigMama said...

We love to brew our coffee with cinnamon in it. It takes some of the bitterness off of it. Very nice.

And little things are good. They matter so much more, because ultimately, they are what really make up our life. There aren't generally a lot of big things, and if we wait for them, we just miss out on the bulk of life.

hillsideslide said...

the bulk of life- yep