Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Evolving in Monkey Town: The (interim) Book Report

So, my Book Review is late. Overdue. Yikes.

Over the 4th of July Weekend, I thought I'd get it done. I figured- Free time. No problem. Done and dusted.

And then I got a taste of what most of you people deal with- the noise & attention of children.

Holy cow. If it isn't Wii Mario craziness, it's "Tina.......... Are you done with your Book Report YET?!"

I kindly explain to Cousin #2 that it's actually only been 7 minutes since I told her I needed an hour, and for 4 of those minutes she's been hanging on my chair and playing with my phone and leaning WAY in when she talks to me and its really all a bit much for someone who prefers communicating over vast distances via the telephone that she just dropped. Again.

Meanwhile, Cousin #1 is taking matters into her own hands. She's gathered up a pencil and paper. She starts shooting questions. And, before I know it, she announces that my "Book Report" is finished. Now let's go do other stuff.

Ladies and Gentlemen, our Book Report~

Interview by Haleigh (12 yrs). Interjections by Lindsey-The-Close-Talker (9 yrs). Transcribed by me. At the suggestion of Alise.

Haleigh: What's the book about?

Me: -girl who's faith is changing.
-she thinks she knows the answers to everything.
-suddenly, she's not so sure.
-she starts asking ?s to people and herself
-it makes her change

Haleigh: Describe the Main Character.

Me: smart, tried to be like good [Christian].... (she ran off the page here)

Lindsey: Did you ever try smoking?

Me: yes. twice. it was gross. don't ever take up smok-

Lindsey & Haleigh: YOU SMOKED?! IT'S POISONOUS!

Me: yeah, i know! i only tried it. it's smelly and hot and disgusting. don't bother.

Lindsey: Have you ever gotten drunk?

Me: Book Report!

Haleigh: Did you like the book?

Me: yes

Haleigh: Do you recommend the book?

Me: yes

Haleigh: Did it change you?

Me: reinforced my perspective

Lindsey: Will you help me find Abbey(the cat)? I think she's hiding in the bathroom. OH, and we need a flashlight. She's behind the tub, I think.

Haleigh: Okay, book report's done. Thawuzeasy.

(book REVIEW to follow. stay tuned.)
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