Tuesday, November 06, 2007

When is a deer not a deer?

When he's a lovebird.

Lately, instead of a mighty huntress, I'm feeling like a chaperone at a high school dance.

Last evening, a knobby kneed 4-pt, antlers gleaming, brought his "date" to my neck of the woods.

Actually, she brought him.

I gotta say, from an outsider's perspective, she's not the most attractive doe in the herd. But, I'm not a young buck with newly minted antlers.

He. Was. Lovestruck.

She'd come tearing through the brush... he'd be bouncing along behind her. She'd bed down... He'd plop down in the thicket next to her. She'd try to sneak out... he'd scramble to his feet, going, "Wait up!"

There was just no shaking this guy. And, he was a bit of a dork. Most first year bucks are.

Then, this morning. Who do I see at 1st light? Our fav 4pt is bedded 25 yds from my stand. He's looking a little rough. Eyes at half-mast. Someone had a long night.

After an hour or so, his girlfriend who was bedded even closer to me, who I did not see (how many am I not seeing?), got up and tried to slip away. No kiss. No note. No nothin.

No way! He was up and hot on her trail.

This guy's got it bad.


the other, very single boys are working on their wooing and their machismo...

I'm surrounded by idiots... Dang it!


nerdshoveler said...

While reading this, I keep picturing him catching up to her, proudly displaying his newly acquired antlers , and saying "How you doin" (in his best Joey Tribbiani voice).

hillsideslide said...

Yes. But he's no Joey. Travel back to the days of Alias.... imagine, if you will, Marshall and Carrie's courtship.