Sunday, January 06, 2008

another african-american punk rapper who hasn't finished high school... what is the world coming to?


BigMama said...

I know it makes me a bad person, but I spent most of the video flashing back to homeroom, watching Channel 1! That, and digging on his hats. How sad is that?

hillsideslide said...

You're RIGHT! I think I missed out of quality viewing time for Chan 1. Remember, I had Tim Clark was in my homeroom, which meant distraction (like him blowing out an outlet with a paperclip) or threat of immanent destruction.
Now, I love Lisa Ling's reporting... and she was a Chan 1 SuperStar. Though, I am sure that I missed a lot of her work... we had a lot of blackouts in our room (multiply the paperclip story by about 59!).

Remember Beth's obsession w/ the guy from the razor/shaving cream commercial? hneh!