Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sarah Vowell on MLK

I'm being lazy.

I have some things about MLK that I've been thinking about writing. But, when one runs across an op-ed article about him by a very favorite author, and it's kind of along the lines of what one's thinking.... well, tonight it is just easier to post the link.

Here it is.

And, I totally recommend any and all Sarah Vowell books (maybe not "Radio On")- get the audio versions from the library.

You can also find (& hear) her on This American Life's website if you look around a little.


BigMama said...

Great link. Of course, I'd still love to hear your own thoughts, but that was certainly good.

hillsideslide said...

Good Morning! Thanks. I'll post something soon, I reckon. If you have time to kill, click on the pic & u can hear a pretty good episode of Sarah's on TAL.

Eljabo said...

Now I feel slightly guilty that I'm posting about China using recycled unmentionables in their hair bands, when you're focusing on deep and important stuff!