Tuesday, April 22, 2008

i'm the fungus among us.... and so are you!

It all started when I was filling JenG in on an encounter I had at the Justice Revival.

When I snuck downstairs for coffee, a lady (A Stranger!) started talking to me.

Though I often am outgoing, this is not always the case. And, I had used up all of my "Outgoing Power Reserve" (think video game street-fighter) on inviting people to this thing in the first place! Ug.

This is why I needed my coffee. And now, The Stranger was asking me if the coffee was strong? Should she get one cream or two?

One? Two? Something Funny-to-say? I DONT KNOW!! Why is this happening to ME?

little me

So, I did what I often do when I'm nervous, I asked her a question.

At this point, JenG pointed out that "That's your defense mechanism."

Which, kinda put me on the defense. Well, I mean, I thought about it.

Am I not genuinely interested in people? Am I just throwing questions at them like pelting them with snowballs until they leave me alone?

Sometimes yes. Sometimes no.

It occurs to me that, in social situations, I'm like a little mushroom. I live on the forest floor, amidst ferns and rocks and trees. I love my little spot and am perfectly content. And, one on one, I am at ease. But, throw in a herd of deer or a bunch of kids and I am suddenly realize how fragile I am. I Don't. Want. To be Stomped!

Are you a mushroom too?

Mushrooms, snowballs... I mix my metaphors like a tossed salad! But a salad it seems to work for me.

Now, meet my mushroom people:


eljabo~ a fancy friend

alise ~with 4 kids... J's back at work

The Cats~ Mugsy & Pooper
who've taken to napping

in a nice basket

Jen & Ben


BigMama said...

I have mushroom times. I mean, don't we all? The world is a scary place and even when we think we're pretty well protected, we all run the risk of having our vulnerability exposed and exploited.

And I love my mushroom pic. The kids will think it's fabulous when I show it to them later!