Friday, December 19, 2008


Sometimes, you get a peek into a whole nother world...

I've been wandering around the internet this evening... bloghopping... total stream of consciousness meandering... when I found myself on a message board staring at this startling declaration:


I specialize in Syrian hamsters, like black bears, goldens, teddies, and more. I'm an experienced breeder and raised hamsters for the past 10 years. I can help with how to buy your first, how to house and care for your hamster, nutrition, showing, and other general questions. I can help with most behavioral problems too. I am the longest running hamster expert on this page, since 2001.

***I will NOT answer questions regarding: Gerbils, Dwarf hamsters(Robo is a dwarf!!), Illness, or Cause Of Death. If your hamster has a broken leg TAKE IT TO A VET don't bother asking a question because there is nothing I can do for you. If you can't take the time to read this then I don't take the time to read your question!***

If your question is about TAMING please do a Google search instead as there are many excellent sites up about the process. ________________________________________________________________________________ Experience I have worked with hamsters all my life.

... "showing?"

Note: I've found the above statement to be even funnier when read aloud, like so:

"asterisk asterisk asterisk asterisk All Capital Letters 'Please read...'" ...blah blah blah "All UNDERLINED 'longest running expert' blah blah, Capital, Asterisk in BOLD...."


BigMama said...

So instead of Magic Erasers, should I buy the kids show hamsters???

Word Verification: ovelock -- If The Shining had been filmed in New York: "I'm gonna' be stayin' at the Ovelock Hotel."