Thursday, January 08, 2009

Happy Monkey!

This was awesome...

I had a great time catching up with my best friend from high school, Alise. She has always been quick to laugh (and what a laugh it is) and is good at ferreting out obscure, yet hilarious, stuff. Plus, she's got a husband with a matching sense of humor.

First, she informs me of their New Years tradition. As soon as The Ball drops, they flip the channel to "The Horrible Singers." Apparently, when they moved to W.Va, like 10yrs ago, they happened across the local access channel and this choir of "really old people" were, well, singing horribly. Oh, they found this to be right up their Amusement Alley. And, every New Years since, they have faithfully watched the Horrible Singers! ...she worries that eventually they will be invited to a NYE party and will have to scheme some way to watch them.

Ok. Now, Part II.

We were talking about this insane Science vs. Religion phenomenon. Like, when did Christians start not believing in science? I didn't get the memo, or maybe it got buried in under a pile of molecular chemistry lab reports... while I was studying Environmental SCIENCE in college.

Anyway, she told me about a comment on a science blog that her (Christian) husband reads. The guy GOES OFF and it is AWESOME!! He ends by saying:

"I wish I could get a job teaching at a University, but I am not qualified. I am not a terrorist (BillAyers) and do not worship the environment(global warming nuts), do not seek monkeys as my creator (evolutionists) and do not brainwash other people (Marxists). I suppose I am disqualified from teaching. Maybe someday, America will wake up and fire every hippy liberal brainwashed professor and hire real teachers who teach the truth rather than a mock version of reality.... Until then, happy monkey! (or what ever non Christmas evolution people say)"

Needless to say, "Happy Monkey" has been flying around their house non-stop ever since.


BigMama said...

BTW, if anyone wants to have a Happy Monkey celebration of their own, we recommend making Monkey Bread as the main attraction. We used the following recipe and served it for breakfast on Christmas morning (you can tell that we're total health nuts here!).,1813,135189-241192,00.html

Happy Monkey to all!

Eljabo said...

Ha! That's hilarious - Happy Monkey to everyone!

Seriously, I don't get why religion and science can't get along. I'm about ready to put them in a timeout!