Wednesday, March 04, 2009

True Nature of Security?

Thinking about Loving Your Enemy.

Acutually, I don't think much about enemies. I think about unpleasant folks in daily life.

Lately, a phrase from a Speaking Of Faith episode keeps coming to mind:

"One of the words which, to me, is a mark of deep religion is paradox... And often, the true nature of things is paradoxical. And the Christian paradox is that the true nature of power is in weakness and suffering. That is the true nature of power. And it is transformative. ...the underlying question is what's the true nature of security? And the answer is very simple. You are secure if you have no enemies. That's where security lies. So how do you change enemies into friends is the true question which underlies true security." ~George F. R. Ellis. professor of Applied Mathematics at the University of Cape Town, recipient of the Templeton Prize, and the author

So, how do we turn enemies into friends? ...I'm guessing the answer is, We love them.

I would like to hear some real-life stories about this.

I'll be thinking about it. And, in the meantime, if you have a comment or story, please share.