Friday, March 13, 2009

slumpin' it

I am in a slump-

It's probably a lingering after-effect of my trip to Florida... come home, get into a rut.

So, today I just want to get something out on the blog.

Let's see....

Maybe start with something to be thankful about.


A list.

Thankful for:

1. a friend who is now a Vet and can field questions like: "so IF my cat ingested glass, what happens next?"
2. being given a super-cool necklace out of the blue
3. a friend who will call me as she goes through a hard time, b/c she knows I get it
4. other friends who teach me how to be a better friend to her
5. txting
6. baby kittens
7. older kittens
8. farms
9. dirtbikes
10. helmets (ha)
11. work trips with the church
12. facebook
13. internet
14. ipod
15. candles
16. sarah vowell
17. blogs
18. small groups
19. wyoming
20. books
21. comments on my blog


BigMama said...

Woohoo! I get to make you thankful! ;-D

Hope your slump ends quickly. Those are never very fun.

WV: brawk -- Tina could hear a distinct brawk as she snapped out of her slump.

deb said...

What was the answer to question #1?

hillsideslide said...

The rule of thumb is: If it went down okay, 99% of the time, it should pass w/o incident.

Glass can get stuck in the mouth or throat.

If it makes it past those obstacles, you can relax.

Feeding white bread (soaked in milk, if necessary) can help to "cushion" the glass.

Parting words of advice from Laurie the Vet: "He's young... he's got 9 Lives. He'll probably be fine."

Parting words from me: "If you have a cat who VOLUNTARILY EATS GLASS, and has already been to the vet once before in his young life for eating SOMEthing(?)... realize that he will be difficult to keep safe."